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Divorce is not easy! You can confidently move forward with my 42 years of experience. I bring practical experience and understanding to the table. Together we will navigate through the legal waters to your place of maximum legal rights.

In 42 years I have learned not only how to guide you quickly, efficiently and with dignity through one of life’s greatest crises but also how to help you make the right choices, which will positively affect your life in years to come.

I am Hugh Thomson, a family law attorney serving clients in San Jose and the Silicon Valley area. I use my experience and abilities to protect their rights and assets, so that they can begin their new lives from the most advantageous position possible.

Complex Property Division and Divorce

I focus my practice on divorces involving complex division of property issues. These cases present many unique challenges that require specialized knowledge and skills. In these cases, my experience can make a significant difference in the outcome. I understand the complicated financial and tax implications of potential resolutions, and I work hard to negotiate a divorce settlement that protects my client and preserves his or her assets. I resolve 93% of my cases, but I have extensive litigation experience should a trial be necessary.

A Close and Trusting Relationship with Your Attorney

The basis for a successful legal outcome begins with a close relationship between you and your lawyer. I will not assign your case to another lawyer. I will work closely with you to understand your personal situation, your financial situation, your needs and your fears and hopes for the future.

I ask all potential clients a series of important questions to help me form that necessary close relationship with them:

  • Where do you want to be in the immediate future?
  • Where do you want to be six months from now?
  • What are your long-term goals for yourself and your family (longer than six months from now)?

Sitting down with each client, I explore his or her personal, financial and legal issues. Then I develop a legal strategy designed to achieve goals while protecting valuable rights and interests.

Are you going to make a successful transition to life after divorce, or are you going to be left with a less than optimal outcome?

At this point, you may not know. With my help, you can answer that question. My goal will be to enable you to move forward in life with confidence and hope.

For a consultation at The Law Offices of Hugh Thomson, call us at 408-298-4000. Located in San Jose, my firm serves clients throughout Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County.